Aditya BGMI Pro Player returns to Team Xspark

Aditya, one of the most successful BGMI pro athletes, has rejoined his former team, Team Xspark, where he won his first PMCO title.

Aditya is one of the best assaulter in india. In stating of its esports career in 2020 scout owner of TeamXspark approached him to play in his Team as a assaulter. Aditya gives outstanding performance in PMCO 2020 and shock everyone with his amazing gameplay and skills.

aditya bgmi

After this PUBG Mobile was banned for 1 year, this is the big set back for Aditya. After this when game was unbanned Aditya Joins OR esports, He spend long time in OR esports and win many tournaments also.

Now in 2023, He rejoined Team Xspark as an PUBG New state and BGMI player.

Sarang has also recently joined Team Xspark and will join the likes of Darklord, Humanoid, and Syed.


Q. Who is Aditya?

Ans. Aditya is a Battlegrounds mobile India ( BGMI ) Esports player.

Q. Previous Team of Aditya?

Ans. Previous Team of Aditya is OR Esports, Current Team is Team Xspark.

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