BGMI 2.5 Update | BGMI Unban in India Date Reveled

Battlegrounds Mobile India ( BGMI ) is banned from past 6 months but servers are still working and krafton optimized their servers on daily basis, From the side of Krafton & Government, they is no official news of permanent banned on BGMI. It means Krafton is still working on BGMI Unban and soon we got some news about BGMI Unban from the side of krafton.

battlegrounds mobile india
BGMI 2.5 Update | BGMI Unban in India Date Reveled

ClutchGod on BGMI Unban

If we talk about BGMI Unban Date, In recent live stream of ClutchGod he talks about BGMI Unban. He tells BGMI is coming back for sure, and they not going to stop their grind. He also tells Krafton hiring employees in India for Internship. He not going to reveled the date, but this is a good sign Krafton still work hard to unban the game as fast as possible.

BGMI Unban Date

Taking about the BGMI unban date, on 16 February Krafton post on linkedin taking about IETF India invited them to be a part of Diamond Sponsors at India Gaming Show 2023.

Krafton India

It is our honor and privilege with CII and Indian Gaming Show 2023.

BGMI 2.5 Update

Taking about the BGMI 2.5 Update it is very much doubt full whether players can be explore 2.5 update or not, PUBG Mobile is coming up with 2.5 update but their are higher chances we can explore BGMI 2.5 Update in march. We need to wait for few more weeks and hope for the good news from Government & krafton side.

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