How to Join BGMI esports Team in India – Step by Step Guide

I am sure you are looking to join a BGMI esports Team, but wondering How to Join BGMI esports team in India. Don’t you worry here I give every information you need to know, Does not matter if you are already a esports player or not.

Before Getting started lets see, how big is our indian gaming market and whats the growth rate by the end of 2023. As we can see by the end of 2023, Indian Gaming market is predicted to be INR 125 Billion and its increasing every year. This is the right time to enter in esports and make your career.

Indian online gaming
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Back to the Topic, Lets divided into two types.

  1. You make your own BGMI Team with your friends, randoms, finding players on discord and make your own squad to compete in BGMI Tournaments.
  2. Another thing you can do is join big org like S8UL, OR esports, Godlike, Xo, Skylight, Insane esports and many more. But this is not easy as it look like, you need to have official achievements to joins this orgs.

I know we all have dreams to pursue career as an esports player and competing on national and International level.

But with hardwork and dedication you can full fill your dreams, I am giving you Practical step by step Guide of How to Join BGMI esports Team in India, basically Big Organizations like S8UL, Godlike, OR, Xo and many others. This Guide is only work for BGMI & PUBG Mobile Players ( 2023 Guide )

Step 1 – Make Your Own Team

If you are just starting out, you need to make your own 4 man squad with proper players like.

Player 1 – IGL ( In Game Leader – He guide you, How to do, What to do and when to do, Rotations, Holding position, Guide where to push all of that stuff )

Player 2 – Assaulter ( Assaulter of you team must have best gun power and ability to clutch in multiple situations like 1 v 2, 1 v 3, 1 v 4 )

Player 3 – Free Man ( You probably heard about jonathan, he is one of the best BGMI Player in india. He plays as a Free Man for his team, the main role of Free man is collect maximum kills as possible )

Player 4 – Support ( Support player is a back bone of your team, his main role is give support to every player of his team when they needed )

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Step 2 – Start Playing T3, T2 OR Paid Customs

After making your squad, start playing daily T3, T2 or paid customs for practice and build synergy with your team. This helps your team to improve coordination & skills, so you perform better in tournaments. learn by your mistakes and try different strategies, analyze your competition helps you to better judge their next step.

I recommend you, to play paid customs because paid customs has 3x more competition rather than your T3, T2 or any other scrims, In paid customs teams play very seriously.

Scroll down to get discord link

Step 3 – Collect Official and Unofficial Tournaments Achievements ( BGMI )

To enter in big organizations, you need to have BGMI officials achievements and Big unofficial achievements. Official achievements like BGIS, BMCO, BMPS this tournaments organized by the officials like Krafton. Unofficial achievements organized by the 3rd party company like skyesports, villager esports, upthrust and many more.

Higher the achievements, Higher the chances to get hired by big organizations. For example If you have BGIS Semi finals or finals achievement in this case any org can hire you as per their demand.

Your Team need to focus on collecting more achievements as possible and play Tournaments.

Step 4 – Approach a Organization for sponsorship

Now you are ready to get hired and get sponsorship for your team.

How to approach a sponsor?

Simply you can go to their instagram handles and DM them with your team information and achievements. If you have good achievements they hire you, also its vary upon org to org and their needs. ( This is for If you have unofficial achievements )

If you have official achievements, You don’t need to approach anyone. Organization approach your rooster and give your team sponsorship, salary, devices, mainly all the resources a BGMI Player needs.

Discord link of T3, T2, T1 Customs

FAQs ( How to Join BGMI esports team in India )

How to Join BGMI tournaments?

Their are two types of BGMI Tournaments official and Unofficial. For official tournaments updates to you can visit Battlegrounds mobile India official site. For unofficial you can find anywhere on Instagram, Youtube or join Discord servers of multiple org.

Who is the No 1 BGMI team in India?

Currently In 2023 as per the official achievements No. 1 team in India is Godlike Esports.

Can anyone join an esports team?

Yes anyone can join big teams if you have good skills and achievements.

How do I start playing esports?

Simply you can make your squad with your friends, for practice you can play T3, T2 , T1 customs and register for the upcoming tournaments, thats all you are ready to go.

What is the best age for esports?

In India minimum age is 16 years old for esports.


In the end, I have tried my best to provide step by step Guide of How to Join BGMI esports Team in India. If you have any doubt please let me know below we will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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