How to Join SOULCITY GTA RP SERVER ( Easy Guide )

You are Interested to know How to Join SOULCITY GTA RP Server, So This is the right place for you simply scroll down to know more.

Who don’t know about GTA RP Below Small Explanation For You.

GTA RP ( Roleplay ) is a Online Multiplayer Mode of GTA V in which You can Create Your Own Virtual World.

In GTA V Online you can make your own Custom Character, Every Character has their own unique Identity. Their are Multiple Servers to Join and Play RP SOULCITY is one of the Best servers to join.


SOULCITY is a Customize GTA RP Server. This server was made in Collaboration of Two Big Gaming Organization S8UL Esports and Velocity Gaming.

In SOULCITY GTA RP SERVER, Their are many Big Gaming Content Creators whom you can play with after joining the RP Server.

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Creators like Scout, Snax, 8bit Goldy, Regaltos, Raka Zone and many more.

Lets not waste much more time.


Here is Complete Guide of How to Join SOULCITY GTA RP Server

Step 1 – Join the SOULCITY Discord Server

soulcity rp server

First you need to join SOULCITY Discord Server. To Join Go to and click on login, It take to the official Discord server of SOULCITY.

Step 2 – Authorize Yourself

soulcity rp server

Click on Authorize, This will Allow the Developer of Soul City to Access your username, email address for Further Process ( This will be 100% Safe so Don’t worry )

Step 3 – Connect Your Steam Account & Apply For Whitelist

soulcity rp server

In Step 3 of How to Join SOULCITY GTA RP Server you need to Connect Your Steam Account with SOULCITY Discord Server and Then Apply for Whitelist to becoming a member of SOULCITY RP Community.

Step 4 – Complete Your Payment Process

soulcity rp server

To Join SOULCITY RP Server you have to pay some Nominal Amount which is Rs 999. After Completing the Payment, Just wait for some Time for your Payment to be Reviewed.

Step 5 – Fill the Whitelist Form

After You complete your Payment Procedure, You Got a Role of Whitelist Application in website, where you need to Fill Up some Information of Yours to be Eligible for SOULCITY RP.

Step 6 – Wait For Approval

soulcity rp server

Now you all Done by Your Side, You Just need to wait for response from their side. After Checking Your Application You Got a Message of Approved in your Discord.

FAQ: How to Join SOULCITY GTA RP Server


SOULCITY RP is a GTAV Online Roleplay Server Own by S8UL Esports and Velocity Gaming.

What is GTA Roleplay?

GTA Roleplay is an Online Multiplayer Mode of GTA V in which you can create your own virtual world and play with your friends and randoms.


In the end, I have tried my best to provide all the details of How to Join SOULCITY GTA RP Server. If you have any doubt please let me know below we will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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  1. Hello,
    I have filled and paid in soul city whitelist form, i made account on discord and streamer .
    Do i need to buy GTA 5 roleplay game aswell ?
    Or i can play directly ?

    • You need to buy a GTA 5 Game from steam, If you download the game for free from third party website, then you not able to enjoy the roleplay feature. For any other query reply to this message.

      Thank you.


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