Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors 2023 [ Complete Guide ]

Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors 2023: Path of Exile, affectionately known as PoE, keeps on surprising us. In the game’s splashy 3.22 expansion, we’re treated to a tantalizing twist: “Trial of the Ancestors.”

Buckle up, because in this guide, we’re peeling back the layers of this shiny new mode, unpacking its mechanics, and unearthing the treasures inside. Ready to jump in with both feet? Alright, grab your favorite snack and get comfy! We’re diving headfirst into the whirlpool of excitement! 

Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors 2023 [ Complete Guide ]

At its heart, “Trial of the Ancestors” is like mixing the adrenaline rush of a championship game with the brainy tactics of an autobattler. Picture this: You’re assembling a team of fierce, seasoned warriors, thrusting them into epic face-offs against monstrous rival gangs.

All for that golden crown of being the unbeatable champs. Ready for the thrill? Ready for the rollercoaster?  Fasten your seatbelts, ’cause you’re about to embark on a wild ride through the fabled lands of the Karui afterlife! Here, amidst its age-old mystique, you’ll challenge ten different tribes, each flaunting their own spicy flavors and crafty gameplays. Ready to tango with the best of them?

Accessing the Realm:

Silver coins, a new tradable currency in Path of Exile 3.22, are your key to the Karui afterlife. Scattered throughout the game world, collecting these Silver coins will grant you entry to this new and mysterious domain.

Forming Your Team:

Upon entry, players start off with a trio of basic Karui warriors. Choosing a tribe to square off against? It’s all about those shiny rewards that catch your eye and make your heart race a bit faster! 

Strategic Deployment:

Prior to every clash, a glimpse of the enemy’s battlefield setup allows for tactical placements of your warriors. With your party by your side, the objective is clear: obliterate the adversary’s totems to clinch victory.

Favour & Enhancements:

With each successful match, you gain favour with the defeated tribe. This favor? Consider it your backstage pass to the coolest gig in town. Use it to rally more warriors to your side or snag those fancy gears, making your team the envy of all!  Harness the unique capabilities of various tribes to craft a lineup that mirrors your tactical vision.

Loot from the Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors

Beyond the thrill of combat, the league boasts an array of enticing rewards:

  • Unique Karui Artefacts: PoE items deeply rooted in the rich Karui lore and heritage.
  • League-Specific Skill Gems: For instance, the “Impending Doom Support” gem, which triggers a curse-induced explosion upon its expiration or removal.
  • Rare Divination Cards: Unlock access to coveted and high-value items.
  • Cosmetic Upgrades: Amplify your in-game persona with stunning visuals or flaunt your accomplishments.
  • Challenging Quests: Conquer new challenges and reap the rewards, including enticing microtransaction items like exclusive portal effects, weapon aesthetics, and pets.

Final Thoughts

Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors” is like a zesty new seasoning sprinkled over the already rich stew that is Path of Exile. Fancy yourself a tactician of autobattler antics? A curious soul craving some Karui tales? Or maybe a collector with an eye for those glinting rarities? This league’s got a flavor for every adventurer out there! Hope this guide lit up the pathways of the Trial for you like a starry night!  For a deeper dive into Path of Exile 3.22, we recommend exploring the game’s official website or associated news updates. May fortune favor you in your battles, exile!

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