BGMI New Points System as of 2023 ( Tournament / Competitive )

BGMI New Points System as of 2023 ( Tournament / Competitive ) – Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is a very famous Esports game in India, Krafton is a Developer of BGMI game and It has 100+ Million Users in India.

BGMI Conduct Multiple Tournaments on Monthly basis with a huge price pool like more than 1 crore. This points system that I share in this article use in BGMI Official Tournaments.

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Talking about the new BGMI Points System for Tournament and Competitive announced by krafton. It is little different from the PUBG Mobile system.

BGMI New Points System as of 2023 ( Tounament / Competitive )

We use BGMI Points System to calculate every Single team points and give them their Reward/Prizepool. Normally it uses in Tournament or competitive matches.

In BGMI, Their are Two Types of Points System to Calculate every single Team Points 1) – Position Points 2) – Kills Points.

Position Points
115 Points
212 Points
310 Points
48 Points
56 Points
64 Points
72 Points
8-121 Points
13-160 Points

However, Every single kills get 1 Points. In the end of game, Your Total points calculated on the basis of how many kills you take + Your every match position points.

FAQ: BGMI Points System

How to Calculate BGMI Points?

Their is a method to calculate BGMI Points, First you need to calculate every single Team Position Points base upon their position from 1 to 16 then you need to count every team Kills points and ADD Both the points ( Position + Kills )

What if two teams have same points in BGMI?

For Example – Two Teams have same points in BGMI Tournament, So their an organizer give you position base upon your How many chicken dinner your Team get + How many kills your Team takes.

How to take maximum points in BGMI Tournament?

To take maximum points in any BGMI Tournament you need to survive till the end zone, Here you IGL Role is very Important. Else you can try to takes maximum kills as possible for your team by aggress into Third – Party situations.

What is the highest position points in BGMI?

The highest position points in BGMI is 15 points for #1 position team.


In conclusion, The Information is Provided in this article is based upon research, facts and official sources. If you still have a doubts related to BGMI New Points System as of 2023 ( Tournament / Competitive ) Type you message in comments section below. We reply you as soon as possible.

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