BGMI Unban in India 2023: Good News Krafton Planning for BGMI Unban

BGMI Unban in India 2023: BGMI is banned for more than 6 months now, Mostly users are already leave the game and shifted to PUBG New State or other mobile games.

As per the latest news, BGMI as a high chances of comeback. If we see the facts and follow the upcoming updates of BGMI, we can clearly see their is not any negative news about BGMI Banned.

Government is working to grow gaming and esports in India and they know BGMI as a huge impact to grow gaming and esports in India. That’s why Indian government is also wants to unban BGMI in India.

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Title BGMI Unban Date in India 2023
BGMI Unban DateApril or May 2023
Developer Krafton
Users 100+ Million

BGMI Unban in India 2023

The Founder and CEO of Sky Esports Mr. Shiva Nandy, Talks about BGMI unban in India.

I Just had a chat with an important person who is not from the gaming industry, but from the government and they mentioned that BGMI will be back anytime in April or May 2023. I’m super excited.

Mr. Shiva Nandy

Government also announced rules for online gaming in India.

In a recent development the Indian Government has set some rules for Online and Real Money Games in the country. Going forward SRO’s or Special Regulatory Organisations will be constituted which will decide the fate of gaming companies in India.

Additionally multiple obligations have been placed on intermediaries (in this case gaming companies) which will streamline the entities into a single framework of rules.


Krafton on BGMI Unban in India


In recent meeting of karfton with Government, The Krafton head Jang Byeong – gyu said after ” Suspension of delivery of PUBG, expected to be completed in the first half of the year 2023.

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Krafton said they are waiting for Indian Government to review and approved the game for Unban. It was banned because users privacy issue and krafton is working to fix that issue as soon as possible.

Krafton also confirms that they are regularly working to unban BGMI, when everything was good in the eyes of Indian Government, Krafton launched the BGMI Game.

Why BGMI was Banned?

The alligation on BGMI is related to users privacy issue, Government reported that krafton servers located and communicating with China.

BGMI was banned in Feb 2023, It was banned under section 69 A of the IT Act. Indian Government tell that BGMI collect data of users, that falls under privacy issue.

FAQ: BGMI Unban in India

Can I download BGMI after ban?

BGMI is not still permanently banned in India, Their is not any official news by Government about BGMI banned. Most of the users are still playing BGMI and you can download the game from google.

Is BGMI coming back in 2023?

Yes, Their are very high possibility, BGMI can comeback in 2023.

How to download BGMI?

Here are the few steps that help you to download BGMI in your mobile devices.

Step 1 – Go to Google and Type BGMI lates version download
Step 2 – The click on website that comes in Top 5 result
Step 3 – Download and Install the game with the link should be given in website


I know most of you are eagerly waiting for BGMI Unban in India, only need to wait for 2 months more, where we wait for so long. Everything was clarify within 2 months, Till now all the news and updates about BGMI is positive, even Government want unban BGMI. Soon we going to see good news about BGMI Unban, lets hope for the best.

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